Geneshift Overview

Geneshift is a GTA2-inspired shooter that merges battle royale and roguelite mechanics. Shoot, loot and drive through an army of enemies as you level up your mutant powers and try to survive. Play singleplayer or ride shotgun with friends as you fire bazookas, plasma balls, spike traps and more!

Key Features

Battle Royale Turbo

Be the last man standing in the Battle Royale mode. Each round only lasts 2 minutes!

4 Player Co-op Campaign

Play through the tongue-in-cheek storyline, either solo or with up to 4 friends online.

Tactical Multiplayer Combat

Battle in modes such as Capture the Flag, Checkpoint Racing and Zombie Survival.

Over 20 Brutal Weapons

Fire pistols, shotguns, snipers, explosives... or save up for the deadly superweapons.

Insane Vehicle Action

Ride with allies to do drive-by shootings, detonate car bombs and capture key objectives.

Rolling out with the squad

Strategic Skills System

Create complex skill builds as you gain experience and permanently level up your mutant. With over 30 skills you can enjoy all play styles - deflect enemy bullets with Force Fields, go rogue with poison and invisibility, or bounce bullets off walls for that perfect sniper shot!

Chemical Base Building

Place hidden chemicals to gain secret benefits, like spying on enemies and teleportation. Your chemicals are invisible to enemies but there's a really cool twist; enemies can still destroy them if they correctly deduce where you have placed them. Lots of mind games!

Use the Shockwave skill against a baddy

Leaderboards & Difficulties

Replay the campaign in 4 difficulty levels and set high scores on various leaderboards.

Competitive Servers

Earn ranks in competitive servers that balance teams with a unique ELO rating system.

User Generated Maps

Create maps with the built-in map editor. Earn credits whenever your maps are played.

Cosmetic Unlocks

Unlock awesome cosmetic items such as capes, glowing bullets, lightsabers, and more!

Driving to the supply drop

Development History

Geneshift was first released back in 2009 under the name of Subvein. It was later renamed to Mutant Factions and now finally - Geneshift. With the help of the community it was developed as a hobby until 2014, when Geneshift got Greenlit on Steam. At this point I quit my job and spent two years living in Peru to work on it full-time. It's cheaper there (and sunnier!) and this let me stretch my savings long enough to finish the game properly.

Geneshift launched on Steam Early Access on May 23rd, 2017 for both Windows and Linux. If you want to write about or stream Geneshift on youtube or twitch then please do! Monetization of your videos is perfectly fine. Go nuts! There is a demo available on Steam too. Hit me up on Twitter @Geneshift if you have any questions.

Geneshift Info


Store: Geneshift on Steam

Screenshots & Gifs: Site | Imgur


Developer: Nik Nak Studios

Blog: Geneshift Blog

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Platforms: Steam: PC, Linux

Release Date: May 23rd, 2017

Price: $14.99 USD

Genre: Shooter, Action RPG

Players: Multi-player, Singleplayer, Online Co-op